How to Stencil Kids' Decor

How to Stencil a Sheepish Shelf

Stencil a Sheepish Shelf.
Stencil a Sheepish Shelf.

This darling sheep brings extra charm to baby's room. You can count on it to keep treasures safe and secure.

Skill level: Beginner

Time needed: 3 hours

Stencil design: Download the Sheepish Shelf Stencil Design as a PDF.


Step One: Sand and tack the surface of the shelf. Apply a thick, even coat of all-purpose sealer with a foam brush, and let dry. Even if you don't want to basecoat the shelf (for instance, if it's already the color you want it to be), lightly sand the surface before stenciling to make sure the stencil paint will bond.

Step Two: It's a good idea to stencil the border first so you can better position the sheep and the fence. To get the stripe stencil as close as possible to the corners of the shelf, you may need to trim the outside edge of the stencil. Mask the outer edge with tape if you need to give yourself a bigger outer margin.

Step Three: Position and stencil the shelf details in this order: fence, sheep, moon, and stars.

Step Four: Seal the entire shelf with 2 or 3 coats of satin-finish varnish to protect your work.

Stencil Variations

Want to add some extra decoration to your shelves? Try these stencil variations:

Stencil variation Stencil variation
Stencil variation
Stencil variation Stencil variation
Stencil variation

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