How to Stencil Kids' Decor

How to Stencil Crooked House Storage Bins
Stencil the Crooked House Storage Bins.
Stencil the Crooked House Storage Bins.

Learn how to create this great stencil design. The Crooked House Storage Bins are cute containers that keep clutter under control and help organize your child's treasures.

Skill level: Beginner

Time needed: 4 hours

Stencil Design: Download the Crooked House Storage Bins Stencil Design as a PDF.


Step One: Whether you use wood or metal bins, you'll need to prep them before beginning. If using metal, wash all boxes with detergent or a household cleaner. Let dry, then lightly sand the surface with fine-grade sandpaper.

Apply an even coat of metal primer with a foam brush, and let dry completely. For wood boxes, sand and tack all boxes. Apply a thick, even coat of all-purpose sealer with a foam brush. Let dry.

Step Two: Basecoat the boxes any light color. Repeat if necessary for complete, even coverage.

Step Three: Stencil the tree in the center of one side of the box and then position the houses evenly on either side of the tree. Have fun mixing up the colors to create an original look.

Step Four: To paint the grass, lay a straight edge at the horizon line and paint green down into the lawn. For added interest, use the tree foliage stencil to add grass tufts to the horizon line.

Step Five: Stencil border checks all the way around the bin or just across the front.

Stencil Variations

Want to mix up what you put on the storage bins? Look at these stencil design variations for inspiration:

Stencil Variation
Stencil Border Variation
Stencil Variation
Stencil Border Variation
Stencil Border Variation

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