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How to Stencil a Barnyard Animals Chair
Stencil a Barnyard Animals Chair.
Stencil a Barnyard Animals Chair.

What child wouldn't welcome the opportunity to read a book or tell a story while perched on this charming little chair? It's a treasure they'll save forever. Our simple, step-by-step instructions will help you complete this great stencil project.

Skill level: Beginner

Time needed: Eight hours

Stencil Design: Download the Barnyard Animals Chair Stencil Design as a PDF.


Step One: Prepare the wood for painting by lightly sanding it with fine-grade sandpaper, applying a wood sealer, and base-coating as follows: Paint seat, seat apron, and backrest slats Light Ivory; top edges of backrest slats and one-inch squares on front corners of seat Light Foliage Green; front of vertical rails and one-inch stripe around seat one coat Mello Yellow followed by a thin coat of Crocus Yellow; rungs of legs and 1/4-inch stripe on front edge of seat Tomato Spice; and chair legs Cape Cod Blue. Let dry.

Step Two: To make the seat border, tape the checkerboard stencil to the edge of the seat. Using Tomato Spice and a 1/4-inch brush, stencil the first row of checks along the edge of the seat. Lift the stencil and move it one row to the right and one row in to stencil the inside row of checks. Be sure the corners of the checks touch. Repeat around the entire seat border, except for the green corner squares.

To make the border, tape the checkerboard stencil to the edge.

Step Three: To add a stripe between the checkerboard border and the seat, tape two index cards together, 1/8 inch apart. The space between them will be the stripe. Position the stripe so it touches the edge of the checkerboard border. Tape in place, and stencil the stripe Light Foliage Green. Repeat around the seat so the entire checkerboard is edged in green.

The space between two index cards makes the border's stripe.

Step Four: Tape the chicken wire stencil to the small backrest slat, and swirl Garden Green into the openings of the stencil. Move the stencil over, and repeat until the chicken wire covers the backrest slat, front and back. Repeat on the seat apron.

Step Five: Tape the cow stencil onto the seat, and mark the registration points. Base-coat the cow Cottage Blue using a 1/2-inch brush, and shade with Basic Black. Stencil the horns, tail hair, and hooves Basic Black. Stencil the bow on the cow's tail Tomato Spice. Remove the stencil.

Step Six: Position the cow overlay, and tape it in place. Stencil the nostrils, eyes, and body markings Basic Black. Let dry.

Step Seven: Tape chick stencil "C" to the left corner of the seat. Using a 1/2-inch brush, stencil the chick Sunflower Yellow. Add shading with Yellow Ochre, and stencil the chick's feet and beak Warm Brown. Use a toothpick and Basic Black to add a small dot for the chick's eye.

Step Eight: Repeat step seven to stencil chick "B" in the seat's right corner.

Step Nine: Before stenciling the chicks' tracks onto the seat, use a pencil to mark where they will go. Once you're happy with the placement, tape down the stencil and stencil the tracks Basic Black with a 1/4-inch brush.

Step Ten: To stencil the top slat on the backrest, follow the instructions in Step Seven to stencil three chicks onto the backrest, referring to the photo for placement. Use the face overlay for the middle chick, and stencil the beak Warm Brown and the eyes Basic Black. Mask off the chick on the left, then stencil a checkerboard border around the slat (see Step Two). Repeat the design on the back of the slat.

Stencil three chicks onto the chair's backrest.

Step Eleven: Mist the entire surface of the chair with at least two coats of spray varnish, letting it dry between coats. Let this dry several days, and then brush on two smooth coats of varnish for more protection from the hands and feet of little ones.

Stencil variations

Count your chicks -- they're likely to hatch everywhere once you begin this easy design. Change the color of the checkerboard to coordinate with your décor, and stencil a fun wrap-around border. Mix and match your favorite barnyard elements to enliven different areas of the playroom for a down-on-the-farm look. These stencil variations will inspire you:

Stencil variation
Stencil variation
Stencil border variation
Stencil border variation
Stencil border variation
Stencil border variation

You'll love displaying your dishes in the lovely Country Cupboard in the next section. Keep reading to learn how to create this furniture stencil project.

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