How to Stencil Decorative Items

How to Stencil a Dreamland Picture Frame

Stencil the Dreamland Picture Frame.
Stencil the Dreamland Picture Frame.

Nothing is as precious as a photo of your child, but this gorgeous frame comes close. This stencil's soft, fluffy clouds and sparkling stars come together to create a picture frame worthy of your favorite photos.

Skill level: Beginner

Time needed: Four hours

Stencil Design: Download the Dreamland Picture Frame Stencil Design as a PDF.


Step One: Sand and tack the frame, and apply a thick, even coat of all-purpose sealer with a foam brush. Let dry.

Step Two: Using a flat paintbrush, paint the entire frame and all edges Blue Mist.

Step Three: Repeat Step Two of the Baby Bear Border to stencil the striped border. For this project, however, first stencil overlay one Seashell White, and then stencil the overlay two stripes green. When the stripes are dry, shade the inner edge of the border green.

Step Four: Stencil clouds all over the frame. To make some of the clouds appear to be in front of others, cover an already-stenciled cloud with its dropout, and then stencil the cloud behind it. This protects the previously stenciled cloud and gives you an edge to shade against.

Step Five: Seal the frame with two or three coats of satin-finish varnish, letting dry between coats.

Stencils transform plain objects into special treasures. With a little bit of practice and a lot of heart, you can use these stencil project ideas to turn everyday home accessories into truly special objects you'll love.


Seed-Packet Pots by The Robins & Willoughby Collection at L.A. Stencilwork

Wilderness Painting by Bonnie Yowler & Lori Shepps, Yowler and Shepps Stencils, Inc.

Dreamland Picture Frame by Nancy Tribolet, Stencils by Nancy

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