How to Make a Turban

A turban is a traditional head covering worn in many cultures, especially in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. People wear turbans for many reasons. Some wear it for religious reasons while others as a fashion statement. Making a turban for the first time requires patience and practice, and wearing one may take some time to master. Follow these instructions and you'll be on your way to having your own turban.

Here's how to make a standard turban.


  1. Place a turban cap on your head. This cap keeps loose wisps of hair from popping out from under the turban.
  2. Lay a piece of cotton cloth 20 inches (50.8 centimeters) wide and 10 feet (304.8 centimeters) long over your head. Let eight inches (20.3 centimeters) hang down below your neck. Let the rest of the cloth cover your face.
  3. Hold the cloth in place with one hand, so it doesn't slip. Take the front section of the fabric in your other hand, pull it up and wrap it to the right side of your head towards the back. Continue wrapping until you have made one full circle around your head, pulling the cloth tight as you wrap.
  4. Tilt your head a bit to the right. Wrap the cloth around your head once more.
  5. Tilt your head back a bit and wrap the cloth so the top is a bit higher than the previous wrap.
  6. Continue wrapping, alternating the tilt of your head. Make sure each wrap around is a bit higher than the previous wrap.
  7. Continue wrapping until you have about two feet (61 centimeters) left. Wrap this horizontally around the lower edge of the turban. This will hold the other turban wraps in place.
  8. Tuck the end of the cloth underneath the other wraps.
  9. Wrap the 8-inch (20.3-centimeter) piece that's hanging down the back of your neck horizontally around the lower portion of the turban, and tuck it under the lowest wrap.

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