How to Make Mickey Mouse Ears

Mickey Mouse ears are not just for kids. Make a pair for yourself and wear it to a costume party. Or put on a show for kids in the local hospital. There are plenty of ways to make Mickey Mouse ears. Here are two easy ways, one using paper and foam, and one using socks.

To make the paper-and-foam version you'll need some black craft foam and black construction paper. The sheet of foam should be long enough to fit around a child's head. If you're making the ears for an adult the foam should fit around the adult's head.

  1. Cut a strip of foam about 2-by-24 inches (50.8-by-60.9 centimeters) long.
  2. Cut out two mouse ears, using a cup or glass as a template.
  3. Measure the child's head. Trim the foam to size and staple the ears to each end.

[source: Paper-and-Foam Mickey Mouse Ears]

Here's what you need to make Mickey Mouse ears from socks:

  • A pair of black socks
  • Tissue or other soft paper, or another pair of socks
  • Rubber bands or needle and thread
  • A headband or black cap
  • Hot glue or fabric glue

Here's what to do:

  1. Lightly stuff the two black socks with the paper or extra socks. These will be the ears. Make sure the ears are flat and not round.
  2. Seal the sock openings by either wrapping them with rubber bands or stitching them closed.
  3. Glue the ears to the headband or cap. If you use a cap, first cut off the visor.

[source: Stuffed-Sock Mickey Mouse Ears]