How to Make a Chef's Hat

Whether dressing up for Halloween, a party, or just for fun, a chef's hat is an easy and recognizable accessory to make.

Here's how to make a chef's hat.

What you need:

  • Poster board or large construction paper
  • Tissue paper or paper tablecloth or old thin cloth
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Stapler or strong tape

Here's what you do:

  1. Cut your poster board into a rectangle long enough to wrap around your head and with an overlap of an inch or two (2.5 or 5 centimeters). The rectangle should be between 9- and 12-inches (23- and 30-centimeters) wide. This will be your hat's height.
  2. Hold the rectangle horizontally. Fold the bottom edge up three to four inches (7.6 to 10 centimeters) and crease.
  3. Fold the flap downward and crease about an inch (2.5 centimeters) above your previous fold. You now have a flap that's between 2- and 3-inches (5- and 7.5-centimeters) wide.
  4. Set your tissue paper or cloth so it sits inside the groove. Line up one edge of the tissue paper or cloth with one edge of the folded paper. The tissue paper or cloth should extend at least four inches (10 centimeters) past the top.
  5. Staple the edge of the tissue paper or cloth to the groove underneath the flap. Don't staple through the top flap, or it won't look nice and clean from the outside.
  6. Fasten the rest of the tissue paper or cloth to the groove only and not the flap. Don't fasten the tissue paper smoothly. Rather, make small pleats and folds so it looks puffy. Continue this until you've covered the entire length of the folded paper.
  7. Fold the paper into a cylinder, like a chef's hat. Determine your hat's exact size by wrapping it snuggly around your head.
  8. Staple the hat together at the seam.
  9. Gather the top of the tissue paper or cloth together. Hold it together with staples or tape. Tuck it down into the top of the hat.
  10. Puff and preen your hat so it looks nice and fluffy [source: Dorsey, Charner].
  11. Wear with pride!