How to Make Girls' Hair Ties

Snap-on Scrunchie Hair Tie
Making a lovable hair tie is a snap with this Snap-on Scrunchie.
Making a lovable hair tie is a snap with this Snap-on Scrunchie.
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This unique hair tie craft idea turns one scrunchie into many scrunchies. Change the appliqué to match the day, your mood, or your outfit.

Scrunchies look especially good in a ponytail up high on the head. Slip the ponytail through this wearable craft, twist the scrunchie, and slip the ponytail through again.

­What You'll Need:

  • Lightweight fabric, 8x30 inches
  • 6-inch elastic, 1/4 inch wide
  • Large snap, #3
  • Heart appliqué

How to Make Snap-on Scrunchie Hair Tie:

Step 1: Fold fabric in half lengthwise so right sides are touching. Sew a seam 1/4 inch from the edge to form a tube.

Step 2: Fold sides of seam down and iron so they lie flat. At one end of tube, fold edge back approximately 1/2 inch and iron so it lies flat to form a hem.

Step 3: Turn tube right side out. Attach large safety pin to end of elastic and use it to help feed elastic through the tube.

Overlap ends of elastic and sew together.

Step 4: Remove the safety pin. Overlap ends of elastic approximately 1/2 inch and sew them together.

Sew ends together.

Step 5: Insert unhemmed end of tube approximately 1/2 inch into hemmed end of tube. Use a large pin to hold ends of tube in place and then sew them securely together.

Step 6: Sew female half of snap to scrunchie, across from the seamed end. Sew male half of snap to heart appliqué.You can accent this scrunchie with a different snap-on every day. Always attach the female half of the snap to the scrunchie and the male half to the button, novelty, or appliqué.

This scrunchie is an excellent holiday accessory.

Achieve a fresh look for every holiday party you attend by using different fabrics and different snap-ons.

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