How to Make Girls' Hair Ties

Ponytail Wheel Hair Tie
A wheel of colorful ribbons is perfect with a ponytail.
A wheel of colorful ribbons is perfect with a ponytail.

Hair tie crafts can be wild, loose, and fun! Ponytail wheel hair ties feel great, and they're such attention getters. Every time you move your head you create a new splash of color. Slip this wearable craft onto a loose ponytail, or use it to liven up a chignon or bun.

What You'll Need:

  • 3-3/4 yards grosgrain ribbon, 3/8 inch wide, in 3 colors, 1-1/4 yards of each
  • Color coated hair band

Note: You can use as many colors as you want in creating your design. Use either bright or pastel colors. Also, color isn't the only way to get attention. You can use texture, pattern, and shine to make a hair tie stand out.

How to Make Ponytail Wheel Hair Tie:

Tie one piece of ribbon to the hair band.

Step 1: Cut each ribbon on the diagonal into 9-inch pieces. You will have 5 pieces of each color. Tie one piece of ribbon securely on the coated hair band.

Alternate colors of ribbons.

Step 2: Tie two more pieces of ribbon on the band, alternating colors to create a pattern.

Tie on remaining ribbons.

Step 3: Tie the remaining pieces of ribbon to the coated band, following the same color pattern. You should have enough ribbon to go halfway around the band.

For an even louder, wilder look, use curled ribbon in neon colors. You can buy curled ribbon, or soak regular ribbon in liquid starch and then wrap it tightly around a pencil until dry.

Curled neon ribbon adds a twist to this look.

In the next hair tie craft, making a unique hair tie is a snap.

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