How to Make Girls' Hair Bows

Shoelace Bow with Front Braids

Making a shoelace bow with front braids is as easy as tying your shoes, and the effect can be smashing when you combine materials to make it more intricate. Adding them on these side braids brings a new twist to an old hairstyle.

What You'll Need:

  • 18 inches of strung sequins
  • Three 18-inch ribbons, 1/8 inch wide
  • 1-1/2 inch barrette

You can put these shoelace bows on barrettes, combs, or ponytail holders, or you can tie them directly onto the end of a braid or the base of a ponytail.

The pattern on this ribbon gives you a shoelace bow that's out of this world. To get that pinched look at the ends of the tails, trim each end so that it comes to a point at the center, then fold the two sides back and glue them together before you add the stars.

Here's a radical concept -- use shoelaces to make a shoelace bow! Four shoelaces, four stars, for sure!

Step 1: If you have to cut the strung sequins to the proper length, put glue on the ends of the string to keep the sequins on.

Step 2: Hold the sequins and ribbons together about 4-1/2 inches from the ends. Form a loop about 2-1/2 inches long.

Step 3: Wrap the materials loosely around the base of the loop to form a small circle around it and then feed the materials through the circle to form a second loop, just as if you were tying a shoelace.

Step 4: Pull the two loops in opposite directions to secure the bow, just as if you were tying a shoelace. Adjust the loops and the tails so the two sides are symmetrical.

Step 5: Glue the barrette to the back of the bow.

To create front braids, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Completely part the hair down the center of the head, brushing each side into a ponytail just behind the ear. Secure each ponytail with a coated band. Place a ponytail styler behind the coated band of the ponytail on right side, loop end up.

Step 2: Pull the ponytail up through the loop.

Step 3: Gently holding the ponytail, pull the ponytail styler down so that the ponytail is pulled through behind the covered band. Hair flips over and drops down.

Step 4: Section the ponytail into three equal-size strands. Cross the right strand under the center strand and pull the center strand to the right. This will make the two strands exchange positions. Cross the left strand under the center section so that these two strands exchange positions.

Step 5: Continue crossing sections in this way to the end of the ponytail. Secure with a coated band. Repeat on the ponytail on the left side.

On the next page you'll learn how to make a simple yet pretty bow with a nautical theme.

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