Easy Stencil Projects

The Teddy Bear Pillow is an easy stencil project.
The Teddy Bear Pillow is an easy stencil project.

Stencils are for everyone. Even if you have no painting experience, with just a little practice and a lot of imagination, you can create beautiful, hand-crafted, easy stencil projects in no time.

The easy stencil projects below are suitable for all levels of experience and are geared toward almost every room in the house. From adorable kids' furniture makeovers to touches of country kitchen charm, these stencil projects are fun to make and even more fun to enjoy.


Each link below takes you to a unique stencil project, complete with colorful photos and detailed, step-by-step instructions. You'll even find a PDF of each stencil design you can download and print.

Explore these easy stencil project ideas and get started on a wonderful stencil project today.

Stencil a Vintage Floral Table Cloth. This lovely stencil project features a delicate floral design that's perfect for a tablecloth of any size.

Stencil a Grand Table Runner. Elegant and striking, this table runner will dress up your next special-occasion table.

Stencil a Country Birdhouse Cabinet. This adorable stencil design features birdhouses framed by a lovely, leafy garland.

Stencil a Pocket Pals Organizer. An over-the-door fabric organizer displays bunnies, piggies, teddy bears and more in this charming stencil project.

Stencil a Sweet Dreams Wall Border. The fluffy, dreamy cloud design on this stencil project idea will turn any room into a peaceful retreat.

Stencil a Geranium Window Shade. Lush, gorgeous geraniums add a splash of color to a plain window shade in this stencil project.

Stencil a Flowers & Ivy Nook. Use this stencil project to add some floral charm to a nook in your home.

Stencil a Garden Butterfly Border. Butterflies surround this fresh, delicate leafy border -- a lovely frame for mirrors, doorways, just about anything.

Stencil a Faux Wallpaper. It's not wallpaper, but it's just as beautiful. This stencil pattern can be repeated for a complex pattern, or kept simple and elegant.

Stencil a Farmhouse Plate. This easy stencil project includes a farmhouse design for a plate and matching shelf. Make both and display them together, or create them individually for unique gift ideas.

Stencil a Wilderness Painting. The great outdoors come to life in this rugged and rustic easy stencil project.

Stencil a Barnyard Animals Chair. A simple chair is transformed into an animal lover's treasure in this stencil project.

Stencil a Country Cupboard. Add a touch of beauty to a surprising place -- the inside of a cupboard -- with this unique stencil project.

Stencil a Nightstand Makeover. Turn a plain nightstand into a show-stopper with this beautiful stencil project.

Stencil a Rescue Vehicle Cabinet. Ambulances and fire trucks bring some zip to this kids' furniture stencil project.

Stencil Crooked House Storage Bins. Kooky and cute houses are stenciled onto storage bins in this easy stencil project.

Stencil a Sheepish Shelf. A darling sheep makes an appearance on this nursery room shelf.

Stencil a Sports Fan Chalkboard. Your favorite sports fan will love this baseball, football, and basketball-bordered chalkboard.

Stencil Creepy-Crawly Nesting Boxes. Stencil frogs, dragonflies, and lizards on nesting boxes for an adorable -- and useful -- addition to your kids' playroom.

Stencil a Nursery Display Shelf. Diaper pins and baby carriages brighten a nursery room shelf in this adorable -- and simple -- stencil project.

Stencil a Butterfly Bulletin Board. Colorful butterflies flutter atop a French memo board in this easy stencil project.

Stencil a Rubber Duckie Shower Curtain. Rubber duckies and bath time are meant to be together. Create this adorable shower curtain stencil project.

Stencil a Funky Flowers Cork Border. This colorful border brightens up a room and makes a cork board more fun.

Stencil a Rustic Moose Lampshade. This stencil project gives the look of a warm cabin in the woods.

Stencil a Bucking Bronco Lampshade. The Wild West comes alive in this easy stencil project, which features a cowboy, horse, and even a lasso.

Stencil Sunflower Pillows. Adorn your cushions and throw pillows with cheerful sunflowers surrounded by a checkerboard border.

Stencil a Sweet Seat Cushion. Dress up your dining room chairs with this lovely and simple stencil project.

Stencil a Perfectly Plaid Pillow. This adorable pillow features plaid and a collection of colorful flowers.

Stencil a Teddy Bear Pillow. Rain or shine, this cheerful teddy bear keeps a grin on his face.

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