Easy Nail Art for Kids

Independence Day Nail Art
Make Independence Day nail art.
Make Independence Day nail art.
Patriotic and pretty -- finish this design in four steps.

Borrow from the flag and paint your fingers with Independence Day nail art. Kids and grown-ups alike will want to show their patriotic spirit with this great nail art design.

How to create the Independence Day nail art design:

Step 1: Paint nails white. Let dry.Repeat.

Step 2: Paint the top left one-third of the nail bright blue. Let dry.

Step 3: Using red paint, paint thin, diagonal stripes over the white area.

Step 4: Using white paint and a toothpick, paint white dots in the blue area to create the stars.

Any time is the right time to try to the nail art in the next section. Keep reading to learn about the time on your hands nail art.

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