Easy Nail Art for Kids

Twinkle Toes Nail Art
Twinkle toes nail art is pretty in pink.
Twinkle toes nail art is pretty in pink.
Make the twinkle toes design in four easy steps.

Keep on your toes with twinkle toes nail art. This easy nail art design features pretty-in-pink ballet slippers.

How to paint the twinkle toes nail art design:

Step 1: Paint nails any color. Pictured here is an American manicure, which is similar to a French manicure but looks more natural. Let dry.

Step 2: Using pink paint, paint a long, narrow oval on a diagonal in the center of the nail.

Step 3: Using the same color paint, paint a wavy-lined X coming out from the top of the slipper. Let dry.

Step 4: Using white paint, paint a small oval at the top of the slipper.

Wear your feelings on your fingertips with the express yourself nail art design. Keep reading to learn how to create this easy nail art craft.

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