How to Decorate Kids' Jackets

Decorate kids jackets with ribbon
Decorate kids jackets with ribbon

Learn how to decorate kids' jackets with materials that range from ribbon to post cards.

While they may require a bit of parental help and patience, these craft projects are worth the results, adding to the look of an existing jacket, or turning an older item into a bright new wardrobe piece.

Kids love to create things and wear items that reflect their own individual style. And, while they craft out their jackets, they're learning a few new skills, too.

The following articles give step-by-step instructions on how to decorate kids jackets:

Ribbon Roundup Jacket Craft

Iron colorful ribbon patterns to any denim jacket.

Traveler's Denim Jacket Craft

Create a wearable souvenir by decorating a jacket with pictures and postcards from a favorite trip.

An iron and some ribbon helps you transform an ordinary jacket into a rainbow.

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