How to Decorate Boys' T-Shirts

Baseball Forever T-Shirt
No strikes on this fun baseball-themed t-shirt.
No strikes on this fun baseball-themed t-shirt.

Root, root, root for the home team in this boys' cap and t-shirt craft decorated with a baseball theme. The easy-to-follow stencil technique shown here makes use of freezer paper, a common household item. Yes, wearable crafts can be that simple.

What You'll Need:

  • White t-shirt and white baseball cap
  • Dimensional fabric paint in white, black, and red
  • Soft fabric paint in butterscotch, green, and red
  • Freezer paper
  • White paper for tracing pattern
  • Pencil
  • Several layers of newspaper or self-healing cutting mat
  • Craft knife
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Shirt board
  • Palettes
  • Household sponge cut in 1x1-1/2-inch pieces
  • Disappearing-ink pen
  • Red fine-point permanent marker

How to Make Baseball Forever T-Shirt:

Step 1: Download this PDF, print out the pattern, and trace the pattern onto the edge of white paper. Tear off a 16-inch piece of freezer paper. Fold freezer paper in half lengthwise, shiny side in. Insert pattern, centering on fold. Trace with pencil and remove.

Cut out pattern with a craft knife.

Step 2: Place freezer paper on layers of newspaper or cutting mat. Keep folded and cut on all lines with a craft knife. Save cut-out pieces of pitcher's mound, infield, and baseline.

Step 3: Center negative stencil onto shirt shiny side down and iron with a dry iron until freezer paper sticks.

Iron the infield until freezer paper sticks.

Step 4: Put baseline cut-out on shirt inside of stencil to guide placement of infield cut-out. Place infield cut-out in proper space, remove baseline carefully, and iron infield in place. (Black dotted line has been drawn on stencil for photographic purposes. You do not have to do this at home.)

Step 5: Insert shirt board, being careful not to pull stencil away from shirt.

Apply white paint to pitcher's mound.

Step 6: Squirt puddle of white dimensional paint onto palette. Moisten piece of household sponge. Be sure to squeeze out all excess water. Use sponge to apply paint to pitcher's mound area of stencil. Make sure paint covers entire area. Check edges of stencil carefully.

Apply butterscotch paint to the baseline.

Step 7: Pour puddle of butterscotch soft paint onto palette. Use clean piece of sponge to apply paint to baseline area.

Step 8: Remove infield cut-out. Put baseline and pitcher's mound cutouts in place on shirt directly on top of paint, matching edges as closely as possible. Iron to tack down. This can be done while paint is still damp. Iron lightly and briefly, or wax may transfer from shirt board to back of shirt. Be careful when applying a new color as stencil edges may pop up.

Apply green paint to the infield.

Step 9: Pour puddle of green paint onto palette. Use clean sponge to apply to infield area.

Apply red paint to the bats.

Step 10: Pour puddle of red soft paint onto palette. Use clean sponge to apply to bat areas of stencil.

Step 11: Squirt black dimensional paint onto palette. Use clean sponge to dab about a 1-inch strip of black on handle of bat to represent grip area.

Dab more white paint on pitcher's mound.

Step 12: Remove pitcher's mound cutout. Replace infield cutout. Dab white dimensional paint over previously painted area, using up-and-down motion to give texture to area. Remove and discard all stencils.

Draw 3/4-inch squares to represent bases.

Step 13: With disappearing-ink pen draw 3/4-inch squares in appropriate areas to represent bases. To make home plate add a triangle to bottom of square (looks like an upside-down house). Beginners may want to draw and cut out paper squares to use as a pattern.

Step 14: Squeezing white dimensional paint directly from the bottle, outline the outside edge of the base and then make thick horizontal lines going back and forth across the base to fill in the area. Complete one base at a time.

Draw stitching on pitcher's mound.

Step 15: Using red dimensional paint, draw stitching lines on the pitcher's mound to resemble a baseball. Squeeze paint directly from bottle.

Step 16: To make baseball cap, stuff inside of hat with wads of newspaper to help hold up the crown. Wash hands to remove any newsprint ink.

Trace over lines with red fabric marker.

Step 17: With a disappearing-ink pen, make a mark 2 inches from center on each side of cap, front and back. Connect the front to the back with a curved line. Trace over lines with the red fabric marker.

Draw slanted lines along the curved lines.

Step 18: With a tape measure, make a dot with the disappearing-ink pen every 1/2 inch along lines. Use the dots as a guide to draw slanted lines on each side of long line as shown. Lines on one side of hat slant toward the front, lines on the other side slant toward the back.

Tip: Freezer paper stencils are wonderful for a child's first fabric painting experience. Draw several basic shapes (or trace cookie cutters) on freezer paper and cut out with a craft knife.

Iron the negative stencils onto a shirt or an apron, and let the child dab paint inside the stencil with a piece of sponge. Make sure he or she paints all the way to the edges. Your child will get a real kick out of peeling off the freezer paper and seeing the colorful shapes!


Fun on the Beach T-Shirt by Janelle Hayes, Christina Romo Carlisle and Janis Bullis

Baseball Forever T-Shirt by Janelle Hayes, Christina Romo Carlisle and Janis Bullis

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