4 Creative Painting Ideas for the Home

1. Stunning Stencils

Stencils are available in a variety of designs. You can use them to create the look of hand-painted borders around your room, but you can also use them to create wall designs in more random patterns that are all your own.


  • A stencil of your choice
  • A paint brush designed for stencil painting (or two-see below)
  • Paint for stencils
  • Painter's tape


  1. Place the stencil as desired, and tape to the wall.
  2. Apply paint to the brush and blot or offload excess onto paper towels until it look like there's no paint left on the brush. (Too much paint will leave brush strokes, so be sure to blot excess paint).
  3. Fill in the stencil cutouts by applying paint in a light circular motion with your wrist. Work from the outside of the stencil inward. It may look like you're not applying any paint, but you are. Paint applied with this technique creates a subtle effect that is more artistic and adds depth. And the thin layers will make the final effect look more hand done.
  4. For the ivy pictured, use a first layer of an earthy brown color, then a second layer of an earthy green color. If you're using more than one layer, it's helpful to have two brushes.
  5. To further enhance the hand-painted look, paint the veins and stems with the same earth brown color. You can also added some tendrils.
  6. Remove stencil, wash between uses, and apply to the next section of the wall. Repeat process as often as desired.