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Winter Experiments

Rain Gauge

Measuring, recording and charting daily, weekly or monthly rainfall is a fun winter experiment. In this winter experiment, you'll make your own rain gauge, and learn how to chart your results.

How to Make a Rain Gauge

What You'll Need:

Permanent marker
Chart paper

Compare your measurements to those recorded in the newspaper!

Use a cylinder-shaped jar or a square container with straight sides for your gauge. (You can also use several containers of different sizes to test if the results will be the same in different places in your yard.)

Measure and mark inch and half-inch marks on the side of the jar or container, measuring from the bottom up. Place the gauge outside in an open area.

Check the rainfall in each 24-hour period. You can use separate gauges for daily, weekly, and monthly recordings.

Empty the daily gauge after each recording, and set it back outside to measure the next day's rainfall. Chart your results.

Check out the next page to learn how to measure the wind-chill factor.

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