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Winter Crafts for Kids

Down to Earth Stars

Down to Earth Stars are ideal holiday decorations.
Down to Earth Stars are ideal holiday decorations.
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Down-to-Earth Stars are a stunning holiday decoration you can make with your kids. Twig stars make terrific natural holiday tree ornaments. Here are two different kinds of twig stars you can make to decorate your tree, a window, or any place!

How to Make Down to Earth Stars

What You'll Need:

  • Small Twigs (several inches long)
  • Upholstery Tacks
  • Hammer
  • Yarn
  • Metallic Gold or Silver Paint (optional)

Step One: To make a five-pointed twig star, you'll need five twigs, all the same length. Lay them in the shape of a five-pointed star.


Step Two: Use gold or silver upholstery tacks to attach the twigs at each point. The tacks not only hold the star together, they add a pretty, shining touch.

Step Three: For a really shiny star, spray paint the twigs with metallic gold or silver paint before you tack them together.

Step Four: To make a six-pointed twig star, you'll need three twigs, all the same length. Cross the three twigs in the middle so they make a shape like a six-pointed star.

Step Five: Wrap the twigs with yarn to hold them together, beginning at the center where all three twigs meet. Wrap the yarn around one stick, then the next, then the next. Keep wrapping the yarn (it will make a sort of bull's-eye pattern) until it is close to the ends of the sticks. When you're finished, tie the yarn in the back.

Step Six: You can use different colors of yarn on the same star to make a colorful design. Or, turn your star into a snowflake by painting the twigs white, wrapping them with white yarn, and adding white or silver glitter.

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