Winter Crafts for Kids

Make a decorative Bunches of Beans Wreath.
Make a decorative Bunches of Beans Wreath.
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Winter can seem very long to kids and adults. On blustery days when no one wants to go out, craft projects can help to pass the time by keeping minds and fingers busy.

The end results of the craft projects in this article are also useful. You can use many of these projects to create decorations for the holiday season. Others make nice gifts for friends and relatives. And the kids will take special pride in this type of gift, since they can do much of the work on these projects all by themselves.


Follow the instructions below for easy yet interesting winter crafts that your kids will enjoy:

Cloth Place Mats

Make pretty cloth place mats and dress up your dinner table for the winter season.

Christmas Present Needlepoint Ornament

Stitch a present-shaped ornament to hang on the Christmas tree above the real presents.

Gift-Wrapped Door

Make sure you buy enough ribbon to tie around some doors after you're done wrapping presents -- it's a great way to decorate.

Sugar Plum Fairy Pillowcases

Keepsake Quilts

Make paper quilts with pictures and words that bring back memories to you and your family year after year.

Arctic Light

Fabulous Fabric Wreath

These wreaths are easy and fun to make, and they can really dress things up for the holiday -- or just for fun!

Bunches of Beans Wreath

Napkin Rings

Homemade Napkin Rings are a touching addition to any holiday dinner. Find out how to make Napkin Rings.

Down to Earth Stars

Make Down to Earth Stars with your kids, and enjoy this festive holiday decoration. Find out how to make Down to Earth Stars.

Begin your adventure into winter crafts with a set of cloth place mats.

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