Water Games for Kids

Squirt Bottle Barber

Give a clean shave as a squirt bottle barber.
Give a clean shave as a squirt bottle barber.

Wash away your whiskers while playing squirt bottle barber. Kids love playing with dad's shaving cream. In this game, it's a MUST.

What You'll Need:

  • Squirt bottles
  • Water goggles
  • Shaving cream

Divide into pairs and get ready for a close shave. One player in each team holds a squirt bottle full of clean, cool water. The other slips into swimmer's goggles and spreads shaving cream all over the lower half of their face. When the "go" signal sounds, the "barber" begins to squirt the face of his partner, from a distance of about five feet, trying to wash away any sign of shaving foam. The first team with a clean shave wins the race.

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