Water Games for Kids

Bubble Pie

Be careful not to spill when you're running with "Bubble Pie."
Be careful not to spill when you're running with "Bubble Pie."

Line up to play bubble pie. This wet and wacky relay is made for soapy fun in the summer sun.

What You'll Need:

  • Play area
  • Four buckets of liquid dish soap
  • Hose and water
  • Aluminum pie tins

Fill two big buckets with sudsy, soapy water. Put two empty buckets on the opposite end of the playing field.

Divide into two teams, each lined up behind the soapy bucket. The leader in each line holds the empty pie tin.

When the whistle blows, fill the pie tin with soapy water and head for the opposite end of the field. Dump what's left of your "pie" in the empty bucket and run back to your line.

Pass the empty pie pan to the next person in line, then head for the back of the line. That person repeats the whole process, which continues until everyone in the line has had a turn.

The team with the most bubbly water in the bucket at the other end of the field claims the bubble championship.

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