Water Games for Kids

Making a bubble pie is one way to have summertime fun.
Making a bubble pie is one way to have summertime fun.

Though taking a dip in the pool may be at the top of the list, these cool water games for kids are a great and inexpensive way for children to have some cool summer fun.

During the summer months, kids will have fun staying cool with these water games for kids. Keep reading to learn more about fun water games for kids on the following pages.

Bubble Pie

Learn how to serve up some bubble pie with this fun game.

Squirt Bottle Barber

Play at being a barber with this fun water game.

Water Balloon Cut-up

Have fun with balloons when you play Water Balloon Cut-Up.

Spoon Spill

Spilling water is no accident in this game. Keep reading to learn more.

How Cold Is It?

Learn how to gauge temperatures with your body and not a thermostat.

Water Balloon Weigh-in

Guess the weight of balloons for loads of summertime fun.

You can't eat bubble pie, but that doesn't mean it's not a treat. Learn how to play this sudsy relay on the next page.

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