Water Fun Activities for Kids

Pool Games

Why just splash around when you can play pool games with your friends? These water fun activities for kids make yard games twice as much fun. Use your swimming pool as a court for water basketball, try the Marco Polo tag game, or do target shooting with water pistols.

What You'll Need:

  • Pool
  • Beach ball or rubber ball
  • Large inner tubes
  • Water guns

Step 1: For water basketball, start by blowing up a large inner tube and finding a beach ball or rubber ball that fits through the middle.

Step 2: Divide the players into teams.

Step 3: Players try to shoot the ball through the middle of the moving "hoop." Passing is allowed, and players can swim up to three strokes with the ball in one hand. Players may try to block shots, but they are not allowed to push or shove.

Step 4: To play Marco Polo, a player chosen as "It" closes his or her eyes while the other players spread out in the pool. Every time "It" calls out "Marco!" the other players must respond "Polo!" With eyes still closed, "It" chases other players and tries to catch them until all players are caught.

Step 5: For target shooting, set up floating targets like inner tubes, beach balls, or rubber duckies at one end of the pool. Shoot at them with water pistols. Assign points for each target according to difficulty. Allow each player to shoot until the pistol is empty. Score points for each target hit.

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