Water Fun Activities for Kids

Summer Ice Melt-Off

If you've ever wondered how quickly ice melts, the Summer Ice Melt-Off is a fun way to find out. This water fun activity for kids has friends racing to see who can cause ice in a cup to melt faster.

What You'll Need:

  • Partner
  • Paper cups
  • Waterproof marker
  • Ice
  • Water

Step 1: Mark each paper cup at the halfway point with a waterproof marker. That's how much water must remain in the cup to avoid being disqualified in the end.

Step 2: Stuff the cup with ice, and fill it to the top with water.

Step 3: Now it's your job to melt the ice faster than your opponent can, using only the swirling action of your fingers and the heat of your hands. And remember, the cup must remain at least half full, or you're out of the competition.

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