Water Fun Activities for Kids

Hose Blaster Game

Watering the lawn can be a lot more fun if it's turned into the Hose Blaster Game. This water fun activity for kids takes a creative approach to the job instead of relying on a lawn sprinkler.

What You'll Need:

  • Water hoses
  • Rubber play balls
  • Stopwatch or watch with second hand

Step 1: Gather as many lightweight play balls as you can find -- any size or condition will do, even semi-flat or tiny ones.

Step 2: Use a disconnected water hose to make a five-foot circle in the middle of your grassy yard. Place all the balls inside the circle.

Step 3: Take another garden hose (this one connected) in your hands and turn the water on full-blast.

Step 4: Count to three, begin the ball-blasting action, and have your friend or parents start the watch.

Step 5: As soon as you clear every ball out of the circle, the clock stops.

If you play against friends, whoever has the best time wins. If you play against the clock, see if you can beat your own personal best. Don't forget to clean up the hoses and the balls when you're through.

Look at the next page to see how you can arm defenders with forks to make a water balloon battle more fun.

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