Water Fun Activities for Kids

When the summer air is muggy and sidewalks are sizzling, water fun activities for kids keeps them cool and busy. Help kids break out of summer fussing and boredom with these wet and wild games and activities.

Turn on the hose, fill water balloons, or get out the ice and cups. Or take the inner tubes, beach balls and water guns into the pool. These kids activities are easy to organize to keep parents cool and un-frazzled, too.

Follow the links below to learn more about water fun activities for kids:

Hose Blaster Game

Turn watering the lawn into a water-blasting game of fun.

Water Balloon Battle

Make a balloon war more challenging by arming defenders with forks.

Summer Ice Melt-Off

See who can melt ice in a cup fastest using only their hands and fingers.

Pool Games

Turn basketball, tag, and target shooting into swimming pool games for summer fun.

Why just use a sprinkler when you can play a game while watering the lawn? Find out how on the next page.

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