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Veggie Toss

Play the veggie toss game.
Play the veggie toss game.
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Enjoy salad in a new way by creating your own veggies to play veggie toss. It's truly a veg­etarian treat -- lettuce have some fun!

What You'll Need:

  • Colorful card stock
  • Plastic bowls
  • Black markers

How To Play Veggie Toss:

Step 1: Make paper salad bits from colorful card stock or lightweight cardboard. Try green paper lettuce leaves, red tomato slices, white onion cubes, orange carrot chunks.

Step 2: Divide players into two teams. Take turns sailing veggie bits through the air, trying to land them in the large plastic bowls. The team with the most veggies tossed on target wins.

For an added challenge, assign each vegetable a number value. Assign more points for smaller veggies that land in the bowls, fewer points for easier-to-toss lettuce leaves. Tally the totals to determine the winner. You can also play by yourself to keep improving your score!

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