Tossing Games for Kids

Vietnamese Beanbag Toss

Vietnamese beanbag toss originated in Vietnam, but this game is well-loved all over the world. Grab a beanbag, and try your talent at Vietnamese beanbag toss, also called Da-Cau. What You'll Need:

  • Bean-bag

How To Play Vietnamese Bean-Bag Toss:

Step 1: The object of this game is to balance the game piece on your foot without letting it touch the ground, even when it's tossed! To play, place a beanbag on your foot, kick it up in the air, and then try and catch it by getting it to land back on the top of the same foot!

Step 2: If you are playing with a friend, toss the bag back and forth, without letting it land on the ground.

To make the game more challenging, play it with a coin instead of a beanbag, just as Vietnamese children do!

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