Theatre Crafts for Kids

Mysterious Eyes Mask

The mysterious eyes mask theatre craft.
The mysterious eyes mask theatre craft.
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This theatre craft will have people wondering who is behind that mysterious mask. Amp up kids' sense of theatrical wonderment with this indoor craft.

What You'll Need:

  • Newspapers­
  • Simple mask that's worn around the eyes (or paper plate and scissors to make one)
  • Glue
  • Feathers
  • Glitter pen
  • Brightly colored sheer fabric

How to Make Mysterious Eyes Mask:

Step 1: Spread out the newspapers. If you don't have a mask that covers only the areas around the eyes, make one from a paper plate.

Step 2: Glue feathers to the mask or decorate it with jewel shapes made with a glitter pen. Add any other cool decorations you can think of -- be as creative and unique as you like.

Step 3: Cut a piece of the sheer fabric to cover the lower part of the face. Glue the fabric to the back of the mask.

Step 4: Dazzle your audience with your mysterious eyes! Try other craft items to create different characters; use a bandanna to look like an Old West bank robber.

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