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Star Search

Star Search theatre activity
Star Search theatre activity
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Star search is your way to find the next big star. A talent show is a great way for kids to display their skills for applause and recognition. This indoor kids' activity just might have to become a yearly event!

What You'll Need:

  • A routine
  • Costumes (optional)
  • Friends to audition
  • Audience

How to Do Star Search:

If your kids want to put on a talent show, they'll need different kinds of acts.

Step 1: Have each child learn a song or two, or come up with a really funny comedy routine. You'll want to place these solo acts between the group numbers.

Step 2: Singers can try performing a number in the character of the person the song is about and in costume. Comedians can practice their timing and try to use topics that everyone can relate to; you'll "hook" your audience early on.

Step 3: Have your children's friends audition for the show with their special solo acts.

Tip: You may have heard it before, but professionals do it too -- instruct your performers to practice in front of a mirror. It will give them more confidence later.

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