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Play It Your Way Musical Theatre Activity

Play It Your Way theatre activity
Play It Your Way theatre activity
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The play it your way musical theatre activity will have a young star seeing his or her name in lights. Who says you can't bring big Broadway musicals to your school auditorium or living room? Kids won't even have to try out to take top billing in this indoor activity.

What You'll Need:

  • Costumes

How to Play It Your Way:

Step 1: Steer your kids to a musical that most people in your audience would like.

Step 2: Help them rewrite the story, and set the scene at their school. Narrow the play down, and use just two or three musical numbers. You could also rewrite the song lyrics.

Step 3: Add costumes, singing, and dancing, and your kids may just bring the house down!

The stage goes silent with a pantomime theatre activity. Learn how to perform it in the next section.

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