Theatre Activities for Kids

Fairy Tale Play

In this theatre activity, your kids will put a funny spin on a classic fairy tale. A fairy tale play is easy to perform because the audience recognizes the story. This indoor activity can be played for laughs or taken simply as a chance to act out a favorite tale.

What You'll Need:

  • Costumes

How to a Fairy Tale Play:

Step 1: Have your kids pick a favorite fairy tale to make into a play. Have fun with the script and spoof or exaggerate the story.

Step 2: Retell the ending the way you think it should have ended. Some of the funniest plays are written this way.

Step 3: Gather some hilarious costumes, and practice the play with a straight face, if possible! When perfection is achieved, set up an audience space for the other adult guests.

Next, show your kids how to get a song and dance routine ready for a Broadway-style theatre activity.

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