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Lip-Synch Show

Lip-Synch Show theatre activity
Lip-Synch Show theatre activity
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Put on a lip-synch show. For those with a touch of stage fright (that would be most of us!), lip-synching a song is much easier than actually singing it live. Kids will love the chance to perform their favorite song in this indoor activity.

What You'll Need:

  • Tape of a favorite song
  • Tape player
  • Instrument props
  • Creative costumes
  • Video camera (optional)

How to Put on a Lip-Synch Show:

In addition to the pretend singing, dressing up like the band or person that really sings the song is a blast for kids. Not to mention the amusing instrument props you can make. Or the added hamming it up your kids can do!

For a variation, try filming a video of your kids' lip-synch act. They'll have less stage fear and more time to be creative. Have them act out the story behind the song without pretending to sing it. If your audience roars with applause and laughter, you'll know you have succeeded.

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