Sunshine Activities

Solar Prints

Make these solar prints and see what develops!

What You'll Need:

  • Some nature objects
  • Light-sensitive paper

How to Make Solar Prints:

Step 1: Gather some objects in nature that have interesting shapes, such as leaves, flowers, and twigs.

Step 2: Arrange some of the objects on light-sensitive paper. (You can buy this at a hobby, photography, or toy store.) Be sure to keep the paper away from the light until your objects are all arranged.

Step 3: Put the paper in direct sunlight for about five minutes. Take off the objects and dip the paper in water to set the image. Lay out the paper to dry.

Solar-printed paper makes great stationery and greeting cards. Or, you can color or paint the images to make artwork.

Tell time like the ancients did with a sundial you make yourself! Keep reading to find out how.

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