Summer Water Activities for Kids

Water Balloon Launcher Activity

This water balloon launcher activity requires some help from an adult, but the payoff will be well worth it: Kids will be able to send water balloons rocketing through the air!

What You'll Need:

  • Adult
  • Awl or drill
  • Large plastic funnel
  • 12 feet of rubber tubing
  • Dozens of water balloons
  • Two buckets
  • Plastic garbage can lids

Help kids assemble the water balloon launcher by using an awl or drill to make four holes in the upper rim of a large plastic funnel and cutting the rubber tubing into two equal lengths. Tie an end of the tubing to each of the four holes so that the funnel has two big loops of tube coming from each side.

Firing the launcher requires three people. Have two people hold the loops, one on each side, with their arms in the air and the launcher stretched between them.

The third person puts a water balloon in the funnel and pulls back on the funnel as far as it will go and touches it to the ground, then releases it, sending the balloon flying.

To play water balloon battleship, you'll need two launchers and two buckets of water balloons. Divide the players into two teams with at least four players per team.

Three "cannoneers" operate the launcher and the fourth, the "powder monkey," fetches the water balloons. Extra players can carry plastic garbage can lids to protect their teammates. Each bucket of balloons should be behind the team and off to the side.

At a signal, the powder monkeys run and fetch one water balloon at a time for their team. Teams fire balloons as fast as they can. A person hit directly is "wounded" and must move around on one leg only.

A second "hit" puts the player out of the game for an agreed-on period of time. You can vary the rules according to the number of players and how well they play. A heavy splash might count as a "wound" if a team's aim is not good.

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