Summer Water Activities for Kids

Bouncing Balloons Game

Keep the water balloon on the sheet and off the ground.
Keep the water balloon on the sheet and off the ground.
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This bouncing balloons game will test kids' ability to keep a water balloon in play without bursting it.

What You'll Need:

  • Three friends
  • An old sheet
  • Water balloons
  • Net or string (optional)

Whoosh! You and your friends should each grab a corner of the sheet and place a water balloon in the middle. The object of the game is to bounce the balloon up into the air using the sheet.

That may not sound too tough, but the tricky part is catching the balloon in the sheet before it s-p-l-a-t-s on the ground. Once you and your pals master one balloon, toss another one onto the sheet.

How many balloons can you bounce into the air without busting one? You can turn this balloon game into a game of "volleyball" by gathering another four friends together.

Use a net or a string to divide a grassy area in two. Then have one group stand on each side of the net. Your team must use the sheet to bounce the balloon over the net.

And the team on the other side must catch it with their sheet and flip it back over to you. Keep this up until one team drops the balloon. Splash!

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