Summer Holiday Activities

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Icy Animal Wagon

This icy animal wagon is a fun treat to eat!
This icy animal wagon is a fun treat to eat!
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This icy animal wagon summer holiday activity won't get a chance to melt in the sunshine -- chances are it'll be long gone before then!

What You'll Need:

  • Brick of Neapolitan ice cream
  • Knife
  • Round chocolate mints
  • Animal crackers
  • Small plastic figures of animals

A wagon made of ice cream? Why not? This is another cool treat for a long, hot summer day.


Cut a square of Neapolitan ice cream. Use 4 round mints for the wheels, and put 2 animal cracker elephants or horses at the front to pull the wagon.

You can add other small plastic animals to ride on top of the ice cream wagon (but be sure people know these are not to be eaten!).

This makes a cheerful centerpiece, but don't wait too long to eat it!

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