Summer Crafts

Try these summer crafts to help keep kids busy and entertained during the long days of summer. Check out our ideas for fun and easy summer crafts.

Here's an idea that's almost too pretty to eat: A fruit bouquet that looks like a colorful flower centerpiece for your table.

Kids can make picture frames that are enhanced by their own handiwork, and these can also be used to frame mirrors reflecting on their creative success.

Blustery days can be more exciting if a fluttering windsock blows on the breeze.

Good Samaritan games and activities for kids teaches them how to show compassion for others. Learn about good Samaritan activities at HowStuffWorks.

High-flying activities for kids set kids' imaginations soaring as they make paper kites and say hello by balloon. See high-flying activities for kids.

Hiking activities for kids help kids explore the great outdoors with educational and eco-friendly activities. Learn about hiking activities for kids.

Lake and river activities let kids explore local aquatic life. Learn about aquatic plants and animals with these lake and river activities for kids.

Water games for kids incorporates a little sport, a lot of learning and loads of fun. Learn more about these water games for kids for summertime fun. With names such as Bubble Pie and Spoon Spill, you'll be sure to have a ton of fun in the sun!

Shadow fun activities for kids let kids play with shadows while learning about the sun and time. See how these shadow fun activities for kids are done.

Hiking games for kids teach valuable survival skills while entertaining at the same time. Learn hiking games your kids can play with friends.

Stormy weather activities are perfect for kids who are curious to learn about the weather. Find out more about stormy weather activities for kids.

Summer holiday activities for kids are fun and keep kids busy all summer. Learn more about summer holiday activities -- crafts, games, and much more.

These wonderful summertime decorations are a perfect way of celebrating the long days and warm weather. Learn to make summertime decorations for kids.

Fun Physics Activities for Kids teach physics basics to future Einsteins using ordinary playground equipment. Learn fun physics activities for kids.

When summer hits, these garden hose activities are a kid's best friend. Have fun and stay cool with an old hose and these garden hose activities for kids.

These sunshine activities for kids are fun, educational, and easy to do. Learn more about sunshine activities for kids like how to make solar prints, a homemade thermometer, and even sun tea!

Rock and stone activities will have kids moving all summer long. Learn more about rockin' activities with rocks and stones for kids.

Weather activities for kids are a great and inexpensive way for children to learn more about nature. Learn more about fun weather activities for kids.

Wading pool activities for kids are the perfect way to keep kids excited and safe around shallow water. Learn more about wading pool activities for kids in this article.

Weather experiments for kids teach children about wind, rain, thunder, lightning, and more. Learn about weather experiments for kids on HowStuffWorks.

These summer water activities for kids are fun to do, and they'll keep kids busy and cool for hours. Learn more about summer water activities for kids.

Backyard Activities for Kids are a great way to have summer fun close to home while you teach your kids about nature. Learn these backyard activities.

Backyard Games for Kids allow kids to exercise, learn, and develop skills in their very own backyard. Spend summer days outdoors with your kids.

Bug Watching Activities for Kids are a great way for your kids to learn about nature. Find summer activities that will get kids outdoors and learning.

Camping Activities for Kids get the whole family involved in your camping adventure. Learn how to start fires safely, make a tepee, and much more.