Spring Wreaths

Spring wreaths make the perfect Easter decoration.
Spring wreaths make the perfect Easter decoration.

This craft can be super easy or moderately simple, depending on the age of the child doing the craft.


  • Several bags of plastic Easter eggs (the kind that are meant to hold treats)
  • Paint
  • Heavyweight, colored poster board
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Optional: marshmallow chicks and bunnies or jellybeans


With help from a parent - and using different sized mixing bowls - draw a template for your spring wreath on the colored poster board. Use scissors to cut out your design.

Open each of the plastic eggs so that they are in halves. Lay the eggs in the color formation you desire (for example, pink, blue, yellow, pink, blue yellow…) and carefully pick each one back up, cover the bottom edges with craft glue and place it back on the wreath.

Add more interest to your wreath by gluing jelly beans or marshmallow bunnies or chicks between each egg.

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