Spring Has Sprung: It's Basket Time

This spring basket makes a fun Easter centerpiece.
This spring basket makes a fun Easter centerpiece.

This easy craft can start in the spring and continue all year long, just by repurposing a single basket. See how!



  • White or plain wicker basket with a handle
  • Craft paint (acrylic usually works best)
  • Ribbon
  • Spring-colored tissue paper
  • Candy, plastic eggs, stuffed animals, baked goods - use your imagination!


First decide whether you want your basket to remain its natural color Get as colorful as you want, painting your basket in an assortment of spring colors or just sticking to one base color. (Note: If you purchased a pre-painted basket at the craft store, you can skip this step.)

While the paint is drying, rip or cut strips of tissue paper to make a colorful "bed" for the bottom of your basket. Then, get creative with your ribbon: cut strands to string through the handle of the basket or around the edges. You can also glue or staple ribbon or bows wherever you'd like.

Then it's time to fill 'er up! We've suggested candy, plastic eggs, stuffed animals and cookies, but consider any spring theme you'd like: Dried or fresh flowers, fruit, colored popcorn, hand-made clay sculptures or little pieces of art.

The best part? You can dissemble your creation, repaint it and start over anew once a new season begins!