Spring Decoration Crafts for Kids

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Ribbon Spool Sachet

Make a Ribbon Spool Sachet!
Make a Ribbon Spool Sachet!

This ribbon spool sachet makes a present that will look pretty and smell great -- what more could Mom want?

What You'll Need:

  • Large ribbon spool
  • Tissue paper
  • Baby powder
  • Ribbon

Ever wondered what you could do with those big, plastic ribbon spools once you've used up the ribbon? Check out this fun, frilly sachet.


Take 2 pieces of lovely tissue paper, and spread them out on a flat surface. Place the spool in the center. Sprinkle a good amount of baby power inside the circular spool. Draw the tissue paper up around the spool to form a pretty puff. Tie the top of the tissue paper with colorful ribbon.

When you give this to Mom it will remind her that you think no one is quite as sweet as she.

Petal Posies are another pretty decoration you can make. Learn how on the next page.

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