Spring Decoration Crafts for Kids

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Spring Place Mats

Make a set of Spring Place Mats!
Make a set of Spring Place Mats!

Use these spring place mats as great gifts for grandparents and people in nursing homes, or use them yourself at mealtime.

How to Make Spring Place Mats

What You'll Need:

  • Dried, pressed spring flowers, including stems and leaves
  • Clear vinyl adhesive paper
  • Yardstick
  • Scissors

Note: Adult Help Needed


If you can't find dried flowers at your local craft store, dry your own! Place spring flowers between 2 pieces of white paper, and put the paper inside the pages of a thick book for a few weeks. When the flowers are completely dried, use them for this project.

For each place mat, measure and cut 2 pieces of clear vinyl adhesive paper into rectangles that are approximately 12 x 18 inches. Peel the backing off 1 piece of paper, and lay it sticky side up on the table.

Place the dried flowers on the sticky side of the paper. Press everything flat with your fingers. Some flowers will work better if you remove the petals and use the petals individually.

Peel the backing off the second piece of adhesive paper. Carefully place it sticky side down over your arrangement. Don't worry about lining up the edges exactly. (TIP: Have an adult help with the contact paper. You can each hold 2 corners, and it will be easier to place without causing wrinkles.)

Press everything down as flat as possible, and your place mat will look beautiful. Trim the edges with scissors.

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