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Soccer Just for Kicks

Play a game of Soccer Just for Kicks.
Play a game of Soccer Just for Kicks.

Knock down a few plastic players in this great sports game for kids. They'll have a lot of fun with Soccer Just for Kicks.

Want to make your soccer kicks count? Try a little target practice.

What You'll Need:

  • Used plastic milk bottles
  • Big field
  • Soccer ball
  • Water (optional)

Line up six empty plastic milk bottles at the end of a field, roughly six feet apart. Now, move with your soccer ball from downfield and try to pick off the milk bottles one by one.

Try this exercise at rocket speeds. Try it going slow. Try it alone on the field. Try it battling blocks and attempts to steal. Try it with empty milk bottles. Try it with milk bottles filled with water.

It's a great way to improve the accuracy of your kicks, even without teammates to help you score.

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