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Tire Toss

Play a game of Tire Toss!
Play a game of Tire Toss!

Accuracy counts in this tire toss game for kids.

Ready to improve your quarterback accuracy? Shoot for the big ring.

What You'll Need:

  • Old tire
  • Rope
  • Cinder block
  • Miniature footballs

Suspend a tire tied to a rope from a secure tree branch or garage beam (make sure you get your parents' permission before hanging anything from any spot). Get help anchoring the tire at the bottom with something heavy, like a cinder block.

Now gather as many small plastic footballs as you can find, step back from the tire about ten paces, and start that rapid-fire passing action.

How many balls make it through the circular opening in the tire? The numbers may not be too good when you first start the exercise, but with practice, they'll get better and better. And so will your player-to-player passing accuracy.

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