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Tingmiujang (Eskimo Game)

Play this game created by Eskimo children.
Play this game created by Eskimo children.

Use clay to make pieces for this game Eskimo children play to help pass the long, cold winters of the Arctic. The Tingmiujang (Eskimo Game) is a great way to pass the time with your friends or family!

Tingmiujang (Eskimo Game)

What You'll Need:

Air-dry paper clay

Large piece of brown craft paper or vinyl


Use the clay to make 15 birds, about 1 inch long, in the shape of a duck with a simple head and beak, a pointed tail, and a flat bottom (they must have flat bottoms for the game to work). Air dry the clay overnight or until dry.

For a playing cloth, cut a piece of vinyl or brown craft paper in the shape of an animal pelt. Lay the pelt on the floor, and have your friends sit around it.

Now it's time to play the game! The first player shakes the birds in her or his hands and tosses them up gently so they fall on the cloth. Some will land upright; others will fall on their sides. Each upright bird is taken by the player its beak points to.

The next player shakes and tosses the remaining birds. Again, the upright birds are claimed by the person they face. The game continues until all the birds have been claimed. The player with the most birds wins.

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