Science Experiments for Kids

Balance and Gravity Test

Symmetry and gravity create balance for this clown.
Symmetry and gravity create balance for this clown.
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Turn an experiment into a magic trick with this balance and gravity test! Cut out a symmetrical (both sides the same) upside-down clown for this scientific experiment for kids, and watch how symmetry can work with gravity to create balance.

What You'll Need:

  • Large index card
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Paper clips
  • String

Step 1: To make a symmetrical clown, fold an index card in half and draw half of the clown. The fold line in the middle of the card is the middle of the clown.

Step 2: Cut out the clown, and unfold the paper. Decorate.

Step 3: Attach a paper clip to each arm for weight.

Step 4: Try balancing the clown on the eraser tip of a pencil.

Step 5: Then try balancing the clown with just one paper clip on one arm, and see if there is a different effect. Can you figure out the reason for the different results?

To balance your clown on a tightrope, tie a string between two chairs or two legs of a table. Cut a notch in the clown's hat, and set the notch on the taut string.

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