Science Experiments for Kids

Magnet Making

Magnet making isn't hard at all. As you'll find out in this science experiment for kids, you can magnetize an ordinary nail just by rubbing it with a magnet.

What You'll Need:

  • Steel nail
  • Paper clip
  • Magnet

Step 1: Try picking up a paper clip with an iron or steel nail. What happens?

Step 2: Rub the nail with a magnet 50 to 100 times, always rubbing in the same direction.

Step 3: Try picking up the paper clip again. The atoms in the nail lined up in the same direction when you rubbed it with the magnet. This causes the nail to become magnetized, which means it will act like a magnet.

Step 4: Test your new magnet, and see what small objects it attracts.

Step 5: Try rubbing the nail more with the magnet. Does the nail's magnetism become stronger?

Step 6: Magnetize a paper clip, and test the comparative strength of the two magnets you have made.

Gravity plus symmetry equals balance. That's the equation for the science experiment you'll discover on the next page.

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