Science Activities for Kids

Toothpick Tower Activity

Be careful when stacking the toothpicks.
Be careful when stacking the toothpicks.
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Stacking toothpicks is harder than you think. Try this toothpick tower activity and see how hard it is.

What You'll Need:

  • Clean, large bottle
  • Toothpicks

Sliding one toothpick across the mouth of a bottle is easy. But stacking 10 or 20 toothpicks across the same small space is a challenge you'll have fun attempting, with or without a play partner.

Clean the bottle well with soap and water. Take 10 toothpicks in your hand. Start stacking them across the mouth of the bottle, then stack them across the first layer you set down.

See how many toothpicks you can safely stack without knocking the whole experiment down. Store your toothpick game pieces inside your bottle after you're done playing.

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