Rainy Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

Senior Interview

Senior interview gives kids a glimpse into what it was like for older people to grow up up during a completely different time. This rainy day activity for kids allows kids to practice their interviewing skills while learning about seniors' lives.

What You'll Need:

  • Tape recorder
  • Notepad
  • Pen

Do you think all the good stories will spring out of the future? Think again.

Interview a friendly senior citizen about what it was like growing up in the "old days."

Step 1: Call to arrange a time for the interview.

Step 2: Prepare some questions in advance. You can ask, "How were things different when you were a kid?" "How much did gum cost?" "What did you do for fun?" "What was the scariest thing about life in your early years?" "What really made you laugh?"

Step 3: Record your interview with a tape recorder and take written notes.

Step 4: You can write a story about your interview, and then share your discovery with teachers, parents, and friends.

Interviewing and writing requires creativity. Continue reading to learn about another creative activity.

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