Rainy Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

Writing Calligraphy

Practice writing letters in calligraphy.
Practice writing letters in calligraphy.
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Writing calligraphy can be a great way for kids to write expressively and practice their penmanship. This rainy day activity for kids helps kids practice the long-practiced art of lettering.

What You'll Need:

  • An assortment of pens and papers

Thanks to calligraphy, how you write can be as expressive as what you write.

Have you tried exploring the fonts (type styles) on your home computer? Maybe you've seen an unusual letter style in your favorite book. Or maybe you've noticed surprising or interesting letter styles on book covers or in magazines.

Each of these are examples of calligraphy -- the art of lettering. Now is your chance to come up with a lettering style all your own.

Try to develop letters, A to Z, that reflect your personal style. Ask your librarian to help you find books on calligraphy if you need inspiration.

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